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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Panruti Pincode / Post Office Search (VILLUPURAM, Tamil Nadu)

Akkadavalli B.O 607205PanrutiTamil Nadu
Ammeri B.O 607802PanrutiTamil Nadu
Anathur S.O 607101PanrutiTamil Nadu
Arasadikkuppam B.O 607103PanrutiTamil Nadu
Aviyanur B.O 607101PanrutiTamil Nadu
Badrakottai B.O 607102PanrutiTamil Nadu
Bandarakottai B.O 607108PanrutiTamil Nadu
Edayarkuppam B.O 607102PanrutiTamil Nadu
Elumedu B.O 607104PanrutiTamil Nadu
Iruppu B.O 607805PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kadambuliyur S.O 607103PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kalinjikuppam B.O 607104PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kandrakottai B.O 607205PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kanisapakkam B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Karumbur B.O 607108PanrutiTamil Nadu
Karunguli B.O 607303PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kattugudalur B.O 607805PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kiliruppu B.O 607103PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kilmampattu B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kongarayanur B.O 607104PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kottagam B.O 607802PanrutiTamil Nadu
Kumaramangalam B.O 607205PanrutiTamil Nadu
Maligaimedu B.O 607112PanrutiTamil Nadu
Maligampattu B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Marungur B.O 607103PanrutiTamil Nadu
Maruvai B.O 607303PanrutiTamil Nadu
Melakolakudi B.O 607802PanrutiTamil Nadu
Melakuppam B.O 607802PanrutiTamil Nadu
Melkavrapattu B.O 607112PanrutiTamil Nadu
Melmampattu B.O 607103PanrutiTamil Nadu
Mettukkuppam B.O 607802PanrutiTamil Nadu
Moolakuppam B.O 607303PanrutiTamil Nadu
Mudapuli B.O 607805PanrutiTamil Nadu
N.Moolakuppam B.O 607102PanrutiTamil Nadu
Nadukkuppam B.O 607103PanrutiTamil Nadu
Natham B.O 607101PanrutiTamil Nadu
Nellikkuppam S.O 607105PanrutiTamil Nadu
Neyveli 2 S.O 607802PanrutiTamil Nadu
Odappankuppam B.O 607805PanrutiTamil Nadu
Oraiyur B.O 607108PanrutiTamil Nadu
Pagandai B.O 607112PanrutiTamil Nadu
Palur B.O 607102PanrutiTamil Nadu
Panikuppam B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Panruti Bazaar S.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Panruti East S.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Panruti S.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Panruti West S.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Pulavanur B.O 607205PanrutiTamil Nadu
Puliyur B.O 607301PanrutiTamil Nadu
Puthupet (CDL) S.O 607108PanrutiTamil Nadu
Pythambadi B.O 607101PanrutiTamil Nadu
Sathipattu B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Semmedu B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Semokottai B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Seplanatham B.O 607802PanrutiTamil Nadu
Serakuppam B.O 607303PanrutiTamil Nadu
Sirugramam B.O 607101PanrutiTamil Nadu
Siruvathur B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Somasipalayam B.O 607101PanrutiTamil Nadu
Thattampalayam B.O 607205PanrutiTamil Nadu
Tiruthuraiyur S.O 607205PanrutiTamil Nadu
Tiruvamur B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Tiruvatigai B.O 607106PanrutiTamil Nadu
Vadakkuvelur B.O 607802PanrutiTamil Nadu
Vadakuthu B.O 607303PanrutiTamil Nadu
Vadalur S.O 607303PanrutiTamil Nadu
Vallam B.O 607805PanrutiTamil Nadu
Varinjipakkam B.O 607205PanrutiTamil Nadu
Visoor B.O 607805PanrutiTamil Nadu

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